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Hi, glad you stop by. Today, I want to share with you something that is so vivid and random throughout the Bible. Yet, many fail to take ownership of their role in it’s dwelling. Throughout scripture people are reminded of their choices, but most importantly, their ownership to those choices. In Romans 8:13 Paul says to us, “if we live by the spirit, then we will live. But if we choose to follow our sinful ways we will die.

When one makes decisions based on another’s approval or opinion then resentment awakens and our sinful nature becomes alive. Each day we are responsible for the choices we make. If you betray a friend or a love one then you must deal with the consequences. Likewise if you break a commandment, there are consequences.

If you commit adultery there is consequences that are irreversible. Don’t blame others for your hidden motives, and thoughtless actions. As human beings we assign value to what’s important, or what matters to us. We place one life above another. Or perhaps show love randomly. Does this mean what we assign value to is of true value?

In other words, do we value the approval of man over the approval of God?

When we take responsibility for our out of control behavior to value another human being over another. Jesus doesn’t love randomly. Stop loving the wrong things. I believe boundaries must be in place, not to deny our hurts and wounds. But so God can create a new clean heart in us.

I have asked God to elevate me and guide me. In doing so I had to set boundaries on my exposure to people who behave poorly. Is it wrong or Ungodly to separate our exposure to others? No. Would God ask me to stay where someone robs me, mistreat me or abuse me? No. How do I know? Well, God says we can be the way we choose. It’s our free will, but we cannot come into His house or enter Heaven this way. That’s why we must repent daily.

We must believe in Him. By doing so we will follow His commandments not our personal sinful desires.

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So you have a choice to not allow someone to contaminate or poison you. Still love and pray for them even if they don’t take ownership of their behavior or actions.

It is not being unloving. For when we walk away from destructive behavior, we preserve love. Self control is critical. We are accountable for our behavior,gifts, and talents from God. We are much happier when we exercise our faith, talents, gifts and skills. It takes discipline, prayer, growth, teachable and an obedient spirit to be productive for God’s kingdom.

Boundaries are healthy in order to make healthy choices. Each day we must take ownership of our thoughts. Yeah, I believe it’s okay to take in account of another’s opinion. But not to allow it to weigh and control your own thoughts. Don’t allow another to control you or your decisions. Take ownership for your choices because Christ will hold you accountable.

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Example:  Someone can come and say something bad about you. They may lie on you, ridicule you, manipulate you or aid in turning another against you. But your character is what God is going to take into account. How you respond to that person even after knowing the dirt they threw on you. Your character is key. Remember you have control over you, alone. Today, set boundaries to preserve love. Lean on Christ, during the difficult times.

Sure there may be times you may want to retaliate. Don’t! Think of Eve. She bit into the apple based on the words and bait of Satan vs. the law of God. Revenge belongs to God, alone.  As I reflect. I want to think clearly and see with clarity. Whatever, it is we believe we can get from man. We will fail miserably. We have not because we ask not. No one robs you, without your permission. You’re responsible for who you allow in your heart. So seek God for guidance in everything.

There are many looking for the approval of man. Man will fail you. I seek to please Jesus, alone. It was a personal choice that changed my life.  Boundaries, knowing when to say yes, and learning to say no in a healthy way. Remember spiritual growth is a process in progress. Yes!

Boundaries help me multiply my love for others, not diminish them.

When God says we will reap what we sow it’s not a punishment. Though I always thought it was like a Karma. Why? Because man word it that way. Really He is being truthful. So if you smoke then you will damage your lungs or worse. If you lie on a friend you may lose them. If you cheat then you may lose your family. It’s more like pre-warnings to me.

During my walk with Jesus, I learnt that He wants us to know how much He loves us than fearing Him. If He was going to destroy us He could.  But He loves us in such a way we cannot fathom. Because that much love is just overwhelming. Until next time. Give it to God and go to sleep!