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Ever feel like that fifteen year old, wanting to hang out with friends and wear make-up? You know the grown-up fun stuff? I remember vividly, wanting to get my driver’s permit. But my old-fashioned grandmother who I now admire as a woman of wisdom. Even as she sleeps away from this world. Always said, no. You not ready to drive. I would ask why? She replied, because you can’t afford a car and the city bus will do you just fine.”

In my whimper, whiny voice I said, “grandmother, everyone else is getting there permit.” She replied, “I’m not raising everyone else.” What a bummer. This whole waiting thing. So like a fifteen year old, I began to plot with my cousins on driving when I sneaked over to their house. Let me add that, I lived in the city where drugs and alcohol was floating like candy on Halloween. It was a rough area, and still is. But today far worse.

So I’m all excited with my cousins who mother (Cousin Mamie) showed them favor by letting them hangout and go to parties, drive and wear makeup. Well, of course not the boys, but I’m sure they could wear their girlfriend’s lipstick if they wanted too if you get my drift.  So we all get in the car and began taking turns, although I didn’t get a turn because they ended up in some deep trouble. That’s another story. Saved by the bell. Whew!

Geez, great now I will never drive because I won’t even be trusted to go to their house. So let me tell you that I cried, and cried knowing I was about to get the infamous speech. So grandma, lectured me for two hours or so. Though it felt like days.  Okay, what am I saying to you? Most times we are in a hurry like that fifteen year old teenager. We want our way, with express next day service. We don’t want to wait on God.

Don’t act like a saint, we all do it. We are always in a rush but God isn’t. Well, it’s funny how we ask God for something, and get nothing but silence. You start hearing the birds chirping. Sometimes you walk out to your mailbox, and you receive the return to sender from God. It doesn’t mean our prayers aren’t answered. It simply mean we must wait on God. It means when we pray, we are also saying according to your will Lord. It’s like your son or daughter giving you their Christmas list, with expensive things you can’t afford all at one time.

Of course God can afford to bless us but in small increments to see if we are mature to handle them.

Honestly, we never want to wait on God, even when we say we will. It takes discipline. Especially, with the death rate increasing from a life lost every three seconds to two. At least that’s how it appears to me. The world may evolve, but God is still:

  • Creator
  • Still is in control of the universe, no matter what’s happening
  • Sees and knows all things spoken and unspoken
  • Does things in His timing alone. Not Ours. Yes!
  • God doesn’t need our help, push or caffeine.

The funny thing is when we rush things we make a mess. Then our prayer changes too- Lord, I messed up I should have waited. Sounds familiar? Well, I’m waiting on God for many things. So I will just do something about it. I’m going to sit here and wait. Because God knows best, and He is giver of life and death. While I’m waiting I realize He is not punishing me, but strengthening the weak areas of my flesh. So hang in there.

Yes, you will feel left out compared to others cover story, but don’t compare your life to another. You will want a child by a certain time frame, because your biological clock is ticking. Well, let it tick, (tick, tock). You may want your spouse to change, and never see the change because just perhaps the change should be you, and not your spouse. Oops! Uh Oh! you better butter those pancakes, and add extra syrup so you can swallow them with comfort.

Yes, I know the feeling. When we wait for God, we can be patient. Because He is in control. We know throughout the bible that He loves us so why would He punish us or, make us suffer when He has carried that cross and endured longsuffering for us. When we wait on Him, we wait for the best. The best part of waking up is having Jesus love in our heart. Not some Folger coffee in my cup. Don’t confused coffee with Christ! Although people advertise coffee more so than Christ. Coffee is the first thing they reach for in the morning. It’s what they choose to keep them calm, or to start their day (but that’s none of my business). Jesus is  caffeine- free.

Just what if we reached for Christ first? No judging just think about choices. Yesterday, making healthy choices, and setting boundaries was the topic. Because to be honest if we choose to wait on God then we wouldn’t be so miserable, lonely and scattered like trash for the earth to devour. Satan waiting to pick us up with his pitch fork. Ouch!

We complain about this and that. We ache for sweet nothings that lure us in just to make us feel empty than before. Waiting requires being still and trusting the end result no matter what. I believe we could all use the book: How to Wait on God for Dummies book. Well, we are not dumb, but we act like two year olds throwing tantrums. We have our bible and though we may not comprehend everything we read. In due season it will be revealed.  The bible tells us to ,”Be Still & wait.” So let’s wait on God. It won’t be easy, but it’s POSSIBLE!

Until next time pray and wait.