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photo credit: galleryhip.com

Why do we look at her in disgust like some terminal disease?

We render her useless because all of her dirty accessories.

While He sees her potential, as well as her needs.

He loves her just as much as He loves you and me.

She’s our sister. A daughter of the King.

She represents where we came from, and what we came to be.

The difference between her and us is choices you see.

She believes in making the color green.

Remember Jesus can use her just like He uses you and me.

Who are we to looked down on any human being.

Authority and Judging belongs to Jesus, our King.

He is the Creator of all things, that also includes the color green.

Perhaps she is a believer who lost her way.

That can be one of us.

Life unexpected happens everyday.

Until next time continue to pray.