Timeless Treasures Forever


Where is your faith? Often I have to search my heart, and ask would God consider me a faithful servant? I would have to answer, Yes. Though, some days it feels like the size of a mustard seed. I guess that’s sufficient according to the Bible. Especially,on days of the unexpected. It’s like fear knocking at my door, and faith answering. Otherwise, I will be a total wreck. Thank you Jesus, for mercy & grace.

I decided to design something that was young at heart (refreshing), vibrant, and fun. So if you haven’t figured out by now. I love butterflies! Yes, butterflies are beautiful to look at, but hard to catch. Well, how ironic. This is how I feel about faith. It is beautiful to act in faith or see someone else exemplify faith during the most difficult times of their life.

But often faith is hard to hold onto…

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