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Each day brings a lesson or a tragedy. Many of us want to stay in our old garments, and put new garments on top of that one. That’s the thoughts of the flesh. Just follow me for a moment. Open your spiritual mind, and close off your fleshly thoughts.

You go out and purchase a suit. You put the new suit over the old one. You walk out the door and into public view. Everyone stares as if you’re mentally ill.  Why? Because you look out of place. Well, this is how we look to Christ, when we walk in the flesh. We must remove the old us and put on the new. We must hold to the spiritual and not the physical. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up.

The physical will remain, but we will go back to the dust. Don’t let material things consume you. 1 Corinthians 2:14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

You can put on all the makeup, wear the most stylish, expensive shoes and clothing their is. But your spirit will remain depleted. You cannot have one feet in the world and the other in Christ. You will be a walking zombie quoting scriptures all day. I know Christ can bless me with whatever He see fit. But something must be sacrificed. What? The old me must be put away in order to receive what God has for me. Once that’s done you can count on God to protect what He has blessed you with.

Commit fully to Christ!

You can’t receive what God has for you when you married to the worldly things. I’m not saying you cannot have physical treasures of the world. Of course you can. But it’s the motive behind it. Do you benefit others, or yourself? When you put God first, He will take care of you.

Don’t be the old garment putting the new garment over it. Take the steps to remove the old garment first. Do what pleases, God. He will bless you beyond measure. Make sure your heart is right . Even when people attack you, speak evil against you. Bless them because you’re a child of God. Remember, God is in the room with you watching your character.

So empty the negative things every day. You will be tried. But how will you respond to negativity? What will your spirit speak to others? We all battle something, or have a weakness. So keep pouring spiritual food into your temple.

God will protect the righteous. The world is filled with heartless people who will hurt you, ridicule you, rob you, or try to ruin you. Everyone is not for you. Everyone is not for Jesus. But know Jesus is a protector, and He loves you.

Remember the old garment, and new garment cannot be mixed. They will collide. One has to be put away (old garment). Remain in the old and be in bondage, or become a new creature, and be free in Christ. I have the Lord, on my side. I will serve Him, alone. God is my strength. It is not I, who blesses me. It is Christ, who has mercy upon me. May I remain His humble servant!

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