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photo credit: womensheath.gov

Give Me Your Heart

It’s shattered into a million pieces.

Give me your fears.

What will my excuse be?

I must hold on to something.

Give me your problems.

What will I have left to complain about?

My problems are my life.

Take my hand, He says.

She smiles, with tears dripping down her cheeks, as she reaches for His hands.

She had always been a taker, not a giver.

She is at peace in the Master’s hand.

Stop struggling with problems that consume your joy. Stop battling a battle that’s not yours to battle. Stop trying to fix your broken heart, when you are misplacing the pieces the more you try to fix it. Allow Jesus to mend you, heal you, and comfort you. He doesn’t care what condition you’re in. How big your problem is.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. He loves you still, and wants to embrace you.

I know you don’t feel deserving of His love. We all are in the same boat. But bottom line. His love is not conditional like man. Yes, He loves you that much. He understands that life gets the best of us. That’s why we must surrender ,and submit to Him. Because without Him, we will fail.

Will you be a giver today? Simply give Him your heart. Yes, right now is a great time to release the weight of the world off your back. Now take a deep breath, and let it go.