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How amazing it is to know that each time I open my bible or kneel in prayer. The words seems to come to life in the most profound ways. I sat and stared at what was words on a page, now becoming audible for me to understand. As I began to read my tears fell profusely. Oddly it seems as if my tears were being absorbed by the pages. I instantly felt the words come to life as if Jesus was literally wiping my tears, and speaking to me. Was these words here before? How could I’ve miss the message before?

The words at a moments time just seemed to be just present, like dead with no movement. Then became alive and speaking to me. When we look in the mirror, we appear to be alive. Yet, some of us are dead (just merely existing).

As the New Year approached and I began to hear, and read all the New Year resolutions being put in place. I realized my resolution was to continue seeking Jesus, while loving, accepting and forgiving others daily; without compromising my walk with Him. I  mean if I fail and become to busy, Jesus knows how to get my attention, and He is a merciful and loving God. Definitely, something we could all work on (loving one another sincerely).

But most importantly, with all the funerals going on. I realize Jesus remains the same and people we once touched or talked with are either a distant memory or deceased. I look at death with a natural and spiritual eye. I realize one day you and I will be in the casket with someone summing up our life ‘s works in thirty minutes to an hour. All I have worked years for will be spent in days or weeks for that matter. They will mourn for days, months (maybe), and go on living until it’s their curtain call. I will stand before God and be judged worthy or unworthy to eternal life with Him.

We pray and hope our children will apply the tools we have taught them. But honestly, ask yourself ,have we applied the tools Jesus has given us to eternal life?If so are they by our standards or His?

I truly live each day using my gifts to inspire, encourage other souls best I know how. I live for the moment. I don’t make long term plans or goals anymore because truly tomorrow isn’t promised (James 4:13). If it’s God’s will then I will be grateful and live and love out loud. Surely, we have intentions to better ourselves, or make a difference. But does it contribute to the kingdom of God?  I will make the most of my day until I’m burnt out for God. Death will come to each of us. Are we worthy to live with Jesus in eternity? Or would we have lived our short eternity on earth without contributing to God’s kingdom?

There’s no sin in having a career, hobby, or business. I hear many saying they’re taking a break from social medias. There is no sin in it when it’s used for the right reasons. Blogging, Twitter, IG are all social media platforms that can be used to minister to unbelievers and believers alike. When you’re using it or abusing it then a much needed break or self check is a must.

Though many will judge or condemn you without knowing God’s purpose for you.But when your desires are geared towards solely making more money (wealth), becoming more popular or taking away from the Lord’s house then it’s for the wrong reasons. Make sure as the New Year begins we put a perspective on life and death, which we may receive without warning.

Remember too much of anything can become our downfall when used wrong. But one things for sure. We can never get enough Jesus. He loves us and never grows tired of us seeking Him.

May you be blessed with wisdom of knowing we each have to do a self examination of ourselves not each other. We are accountable for the life we live(d).  Be blessed!

Happy New Year with Christ!