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Timeless Treasures Forever – http://www.faith4wear.com Dream Big (Believing In God). When you believe in God then your dreams become reality and fruitful. Jesus is the reason you, and I exist. He is the reason you’re able to arise and work each day to provide for your families, and pursue your passions. He is the reason, no doubt. I love putting God first, because it is then I know I’m going the right direction. It is then I can bare good fruits for the kingdom of God.

I began to see the fruits of my labor, give birth. It’s like a newborn baby (miracle) seeing life for the first time. Jesus, I thank you for my blessings big and small. Today dream Big. Spread the love of God by sharing, teaching and expressing His love. Shirts can be preordered at: http://www.faith4wear.com if you like to own one of these Dream Big. Yes!

There are boundaries in our life but no limits with a God who can do the impossible. Jesus can open doors to many possibilities! I’m grateful for the works of Jesus in my life each moment He gives me to share the good news of Him with those I cross paths with daily using my TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills). Thank you for stopping by, and remember you’re a Timeless Treasure to Christ Forever.

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